JavaScript Micro Controller IoT Labs Starter Kit

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Espruino Pico

Small foot-print JavaScript Micro Controller with built-in USB programming interface the size of a thumb stick! Start developing, prototyping & deploying low-powered IoT applications with the Espruino Pico that can operate for months or years on small batteries*. User friendly IDE & alternative visual blocks programming besides native JavaScript. Interface & program in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, RasPi, Android, anything that can talk to a USB Serial port including tablets & smartphones that supports OTG USB. JSON compliant, easily interfaces with the web & cloud using 3rd party internet(wired) or wireless shields. Large community support & examples to get you started.

Essential Features:

  • Based on the high-performance ARM® Cortex® -M4 32- bit RISC core operating at a frequency of 84 MHz
  • 22 GPIO pins: 9 analog inputs, 21 PWM, 2 serial, 3 SPI, 3 I2C
  • All GPIO is 3.3V but 5 volt tolerant
  • 2 rows of 9 0.1″ pins, with a third 0.05″ row of 8 pins on the end
  • On-board USB “PCB Type” connector, plugs right into any computer USB port
  • Two on-board LEDs and one button
  • On-board 3.3v 250mA voltage regulator, accepts voltages from 3.5v to 16v
  • Current draw in sleep: < 0.05mA – over 2.5 years on a 2500mAh battery
  • On-board FET can be used to drive high-current outputs
  • Power consumption – Run: 146 µA/MHz (peripheral off)
  • operate from –40 to +105 °C temperature range from a 1.7 (PDR OFF) to 3.6 V power supply

User friendly web IDE (runs on any HTML5 browsers)

*without additional wireless shields or I/O’s


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