Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year

IoT solutions architecture
from embedded development,
middleware & more..

IoT, Embedded programming,
web/mobile apps development
sensors & instrumentation


Development Proof-of-
concept, conceptualization & 
outsourcing services


Providing a-to-z concept
from hardware to cloud to
services & business models
Why Choose Us?
IoT Labs is both an incubator &
accelerator of your ideas to product.
Consist of an end-to-end eco-system to       
support inventors, academia, SME’s &
just about anyone with a great idea to
help you develop your product or
services from prototyping to big-scale
production. If you can think it, we can
build it!
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IoT 2017: Trends & Predictions

Happy 2017. We’re at the beginning of another exciting
year for IoT. Last year, we’ve seen continued interest &
ever expanding applications or solutions for IoT. Before
we …
IoT & Bitcoin
There’s renewed interest in bitcoin, one of the most
popular crypto currency created since 2009, especially
the technology behind it called the “block-chain”. With
uncertainty in most financial …
National IoT Strategic Roadmap
IoT to boost country’s socio-economic growth
CYBERJAYA: Touted as the next wave of Internet
evolution, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will boost
Malaysia’s socio-economic growth as it heads …

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