Last mile solutions for IoT

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Range Vs Data Rate
Common wireless standards date rates vs range. *List is not exhaustive

Previously, we have looked at BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) & NFC (Near Filed Communications) for shorter distance (<100m) or PAN (Personal Area Networks) to connect IoT to the cloud. For longer distances requirements, you would need to look at cellular or satellite gateways or other similar solutions. However, when we’re looking at implementing an IoT solution, we need to consider battery life of the devices (usually a trade-off with update intervals), security , cost (BOM & operations) & also ease of integration to existing infrastructure. There are a few promising last-mile solutions designed with IoT in mind. One such solution is LoRa¬†a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated Things.

Intro to LoRa


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