API economy & IoT

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When we talk about API’s or Application Programming Interface, we are usually looking at a mechanism to interface to an IoT hardware,  web services (through the industry “standard”  RESTful ) or platform (like twitter or facebook). Numerous articles are published on the API Economy & it’s impact on the industry . For any IoT strategy to succeed, leveraging such API’s is essential for device management, middleware,  analytics & much more to create advanced & rich user experiences.

An example use case would be in a retail shop setting, combining indoor location services like beacons & various sensors, a face recognition API can be integrated with the mobile app to know who, interests etc. & basically predicting your buying behavior (& buying influence) , basically a cognitive mobile app.

Another actual example is in agriculture, where John Deere extends an API to connect to their platforms & “Things”

About MyJohnDeere API
With MyJohnDeere API, you can develop apps that allow farmers, dealers, organizations, and partners to access and share information on the MyJohnDeere portal via PCs, tablets, and smartphones. MyJohnDeere API uses the wireless data transfer capability provided by the combination of cloud services, machine telematics, and a JDLink™ subscription. With approval from the customer and John Deere, you can use this API to share data, transfer files to JDLink-enabled machines, and securely share files between MyJohnDeere organizations.


What other use cases can you think of?

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